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Rehabilitation is a multidimensional approach in dealing with any chronic addictions. Our company has made its roots strong in the field of rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. We aim not only at providing mental health but also render our services to an addict through love and care even after he returns from our center. We work with the motto of service with tender love and care. Physical health is also taken care of while treating at our rehabilitation center and that is how we have identified ourselves as the best rehabilitation center.

We have experienced professionals in the field of rehabilitation that creates a comfortable environment. We charge for our services at par with the other reputed international rehabilitation firms. We have various phases of treatment depending upon the level of addiction. It is ages since we have strived hard to protect our clients from not returning to their habits of abuse after return from our centers. We conduct lots of group meetings, family get together of addicts, and also try to place them in some fields where they can earn their livelihood.

One of our unique features is that we provide employment to many of our patients. We train them with productive skills so that they are distracted and remain occupied and can earn a living. We offer family counseling, substance abuse counseling, drug addiction treatment, detoxification, residential rehabilitation, and yoga and meditation. There is a specialized team of psychiatrists, counselors, and health coaches who have received training in innovative techniques and counseling approaches.

For residential de-addiction, we have furnished rooms, serene and quiet surroundings, with outdoor badminton area, recreation, and yoga rooms. We also provide hygienic and good quality food for our inmates. We nurture the mind and heal the patient of any addiction. We strive to keep our standards high.





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