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Pros and Cons of sending a loved one to a Rehab

The thought of sending a loved one to a Rehabilitation center is not just heavy on the heart but it comes with a lot of questions and doubts. It is important to clean up when a person is addicted to something not good and hence a rehab is a must. Getting out of the habit can happen at a rehab and here are the pros and cons of a rehab.

First, let us understand what happens in a typical rehabilitation center. If we consider a 30-day treatment, the first 4-10 days is detox followed by counseling sessions, treatments through medications and sessions which help you understand the abuse and addiction. Drugs and alcohol are two things which not only take time to come out of, but also should set a steady mindset for de-addiction. Such a mindset can be obtained in a rehab rather than in an alternative way. Alternatives can help only in the initial stages.

Pros of a Rehab

It is good to choose rehabilitation for the following pros:

1. Scheduling: A proper strategy to de-addict the person is enforced

2. Medications: Adjusting to medications until the person is de-addicted

3. Compensation: If you are absent to work, enrolling in a rehab can entitle to compensation of pay as medical absence

4. Removal of distractions: At a rehab, there is complete removal of day to day distractions which will keep the patient concentrated only to the treatment modalities enhancing speed of recovery

5. Team support: In a rehab center there will be other addicts who can be supportive in de-addiction and share their experiences can also help set a better mindset.

6. Professional treatment: At a rehab, the gambling treatment is given by medically trained professional under a licensing authority which is safe for the patient’s health. Any unexpected anomalies will also be treated.

To work through the process of de-addiction, a rehabilitation center can help in providing a systematic routine for the set no. of days (generally 30 days). It can be more or less days based on the level of addiction the patient has undergone. However, the end result is not just de-addiction but maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle thereafter.

Cons of a Rehab

The drawbacks of a rehabilitation center are as below:

1. Cost: A rehabilitation center is expensive if you don’t have insurance. Also, not all insurance companies cover rehab since it is not a medical emergency. Hence, it can be expensive considering boarding and other facilities.

2. Transition: It is difficult to transform from home environment to the rehab environment. It takes a lot of time after recovery also, the vice – versa is difficult.

3. Connectivity: After disconnecting with the psychotherapist or a one to one counselor can take the patient into a totally different state of mind since everything has to be done without instructions. The patient should do everything on his/her own which becomes difficult suddenly.

4. Captivity: Patients feel they are under captivity since every move is under observation in a rehabilitation center. Though it is important for recovery, it still feels captivated. This mindset makes it tough for an addict to get de-addicted. Repeated counseling also is stressful.

Not everyone in a rehab is addicted. Some are volunteers; some are through court orders due to a crime as a result of addiction etc. Stories and instances give way to a relapse after getting home from the rehab.





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Hence not all rehabilitation treatments can be successful. However, it is difficult to judge if a rehabilitation center is worth attending or not. Based on the level of addiction, family support and nature of behavior due to addiction should all be taken into account  before considering a rehabilitation treatment. Also, the medical history and aftercare play important role in having a successful rehabilitation. 

Leading a respectful and healthy life is what is expected after returning from the rehabilitation center. Considering this, every person around the patient should be supportive to achieve de-addiction and continuing good habits thereafter. Medicine can treat the body and not the mind. The mind needs to be nurtured with love and affection only for anyone to change a habit.

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